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Milestone Takes to the Track and Confirms Ride 2 for Xbox One

This is getting confusing

Italian developer Milestone appears to crop up in our news feed pretty much every week, mainly because they appear to be working on about a hundred motorbike games at a time. They've got MotoGP 16: Valentino Rossi and DUCATI - 90th Anniversary releasing within a couple of weeks of each other next month, but have now added a third game to the schedule.

Indeed, they've announced a follow-up to the sub-standard Ride, entitled Ride 2, which will launch later this year on Xbox One. The developer is promising that the game will contain more than 200 bikes across 15 different categories, 1,200 different upgrade parts, and more than 30 tracks, as well as expanded social interaction with friends.

Ride 2 is set to launch on Xbox One towards the end of the year. Don't worry though. If you miss it, another one will probably turn up in January.

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