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Underwatched episode 1 perfectly sums up Torbjörn in Overwatch

Everyone who plays Torbjörn in Overwatch knows that he is not the most pro-active member of the game. You set up a turret, hammer it up for a few seconds and then watch the death toll rise.

Not exactly rocket science but what separates a good Torbjörn from a great Torbjörn is the placement of the turret. In underwatched, a cartoon created by CarbotAnimations based on the popular new Blizzard fps, we get to see first hand what makes Torbjörn such a great troll.

Sure, this hero requires some skill along with a strong propensity for craftsmanship but 95 percent of the time; this is what happens with Torbjörn. Maybe not falling into a dumpster but you get the point. One has to wonder who CarbotAnimations will focus on for the next cartoon. There’s a whole roster full of troll-worthy heroes so be sure to be on the lookout. Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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