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This Real Half-Life 2 City Scanner is the Best Use for a Drone Yet

People love bringing fictitious vehicles and animal to "life" by modding the absolute hell out of their pricey drones. We've seen plenty of X-Wings, Millennium Falcons and Enterprises but where's the love for one of the more ubiquitous flying objects from the Half-Life world? 

In Half-Life 2 the City 17 Scanner Drones are one of the first things you see in the game. Their constant presence is always reminding you about the levels of surveillance the Combine is stressing over the citizens of Earth. You wind up shooting many of them down as the game progresses but you never forget their unique sounds. From the buzz of their tiny engines to that sizzle of their cameras when they seek out your identity - you know these little bastards. 

Well this brilliant man found a way to customize his drone to not only resemble one of the little buggers but to pretty much function exactly as one! 

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