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Agony is the Game About Escaping Hell

Maybe it's because I had so much fun in Hell during the recent Doom campaign that I'm eager to return. Or maybe I'm one of those people that simply sees a game try to establish a truly dark and macabre narrative and it for some reason it really appeals to me. 

At any rate, Polish developers Madmind (who lay some claim to Witcher's talent) are putting forth this upcoming adventure/survival horror game called Agony. 

You play a soul trying to escape hell. Seems straightforward enough. All that's known so far is that you'll be possessing various other creatures and lesser demons on your journey out until you encounter some Red Goddess. Maybe that's a Dante's Inferno reference I can't remember. Either way, we're not certain if this is more of an action title or more of a puzzle solver but if they get the atmosphere of Hell right then it'll be worth a trip.

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