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Overwatch Guide: Zarya Info and Tips

Zarya is tank in Overwatch that can place barriers on herself and allies. She is also one of the most helpful teammates because of her ultimate that pulls enemies together in one area. If there is a Zarya playing, chances are you'll see her in the play of the game, just not the hero who got it.

If you want to be a selfless help to your team, and like particle beams, Zarya is the one for you. I'll go over some info so you can get to know her better, as well as some tips on playing her most effectively. 

Zarya's full name is Aleksandra Zaryanova, and she grew up in a Siberian village that was on the front lines of war during the Omnic Crisis. The Russians prevailed, but Zarya grew up in a war-torn area afterwards. Zarya decided as she began to get older that she would grow strong to help her village.

Zarya focused on weightlifting and bodybuilding, which caught the eye of her country's athletic program. She had become one of the strongest women in the world and was expected to set records and represent her country in the world championships.

This didn't happen, as conflict erupted in her home once again when the Siberian Omnium attacked. She immediately went home to enlist in the local defense force to protect others. Just like when you play as her in the game, she gave up her chance at fame so that others could prevail.

Zarya is a tank, which means her main job is to take damage, distract the enemy, and protect the team. 

Overwatch Zarya combat

That wraps up my Overwatch guide on Zarya. Let me know if you have any questions!

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