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McCree and Reaper to be nerfed, D.Va to be buffed in Overwatch

It was only a matter of time before adjustments were made to Blizzard's new hero shooter, Overwatch. That time seems to have come -- and Reaper and McCree are in the crosshairs. Responding to fan comments in the Overwatch forums, Blizzard Principal Designer Geoff Goodman stated that they are looking to nerf McCree and Reaper.

More specifically, McCree will have his stun and fan move tweaked so that it is not as dominant as it currently is. As for Reaper, the tweak isn’t exactly a nerf but a color scheme change. When Reaper teleports to a certain area, the smoke surrounding him is always red. This can cause some confusion, along with mild heart attacks to fellow teammates. Now, if you have a Reaper on your team and he teleports, his smoke will be blue. If it is red, then run.

Goodman admitted that D.Va is a slightly underpowered tank and that the team at Blizzard will look to make her a more aggressive tank instead of a bullet sponge. Other tweaks mentioned for the game were based on the highlights feature, along with the plays of the game.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Have a problem with the upcoming tweaks to the game? Leave a comment in the comments section below and head on over to the Overwatch forums to let your opinion be heard.

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