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Subnautica Power Nap Update Goes Live

Tired of all the swimming around? Well then kick up your heels and charge your gadgets in the new Power Nap update in Subnautica. It's bringing a lot of changes and additions to the game.

I don't know about all of you, but while playing Subnautica I remember my biggest issue was having a constant supply of batteries and needing to find more and more copper. Well, worry no more! Power Nap brings us battery and power cell recharging stations.

Want a proper weapon in your arsenal? We now have the Gas Torpedo upgrade for our seamoths. No longer will we need to fear the ocean and run like cowards to survive!

Sea Treaders have now made an appearance in the game. They sometimes drop rocks and...poop. Yeah. It's good bio-reactor energy -- and may be used in the future for better farming?

But the most important thing in this update is the new model for the solar panels! They no longer have a placeholder model, and share the same sleek design that other bits and bobs share in your base.

The update is currently live for all Subnautica fans to patch their games with.

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