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Portal Knights new update

Portal Knights just got a new update focused on controller support and optional target locking.

Early Access game Portal Knights added a new update that has been requested by players since February, when it was available for early access. The quality of communications for this game and the ability to enable and disable target locking was the main feedback from players.

In response to the feedback, the update focuses on controller support, optional target locking and other upgrades. And in addition, developer Keen Games also updated new events and abilities for the players at the same time. Here are the features:

Players have been looking forward to this update, because the game is in the process of being developed through suggestions of players until they close it for further development. In the next week people will definitely be checking out the warrior class upgrades, crystal weapons and taking on different animals and challenges that are now out there in the Portal Knights world. What new upgrade will you be checking out?

You can still participate in the early access program for Portal Knights on Steam for $14.99. More information about the game is also available on their official website.

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