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Surgeon Simulator Lets You Operate On Donald Trump

Since his wacky, vitriolic, and confounding run for President of the United States began, Donald Trump has become even more a part of the world's pop culture and cult of personality because of his baffling rhetoric and crazed antics rather than any of his gold-plated, name-bearing buildings or "world famous" golf courses. Whether you like him or not, everyone is talking about Trump and everyone wants to get inside his head.

The folks behind Surgeon Simulator have ramped things up a notch, however, by allowing you to get inside his body. The Donald is in need of an emergency procedure and you are the sole hand capable of this dire operation to replace his ailing heart with one of two choices: a stone heart, befitting his boastful and hateful blathering, OR a more Trump-appropriate gold heart, probably with his name emblazoned on it. Which one will you choose?

If you already own Surgeon Simulator 2013, the Trump-grade will only cost you $3, whereas the full anniversary edition plus the Trump heart surgery will cost first-time buyers $13. 

Are you ready to make Trump Palpitate Again?

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