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Xbox Two Is On The Way For 2017 Release

Some anonymous sources have leaked that there are a couple new Xbox consoles headed our way. They're tentatively titled the Xbox One Slim and the Xbox Two (aka Xbox Scorpio), but we're still holding out for the Xbox 720.

Like the Playstation Slims before it, the Xbone Slim should offer the same features as it's big brother in a smaller package. It's rumored to hold a 2 TB harddrive, which is a great improvement assuming the price will stay the same or possibly even come down. This console could be out as early as 3rd quarter of 2016.

The Xbox Two Scorpio won't be here any sooner than 2017 however. Very little is known about this new contender other than a simple prototype image that's arguably pretty slick. Microsoft is clearly hoping to get ahead of the surge of PS4 exclusive titles like Uncharted 4, Hellblade, LBP 3, and Last of Us 2 which are sure to convert more than a few Xbox users to the PS side.

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