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Titanfall 2 to release within 3 weeks of Battlefield 1 - Titanfall 2 for PS4 News

Titanfall 2 will release within 3 weeks of Battlefield 1, EA's chief financial officer CFO Blake Jorgensen has revealed.

Speaking during the 2016 Global Technology Conference yesterday, Jorgensen didn't clarify whether the three week window would fall before or after Battlefield 1's launch on October 21, but strongly suggested it could be the latter, stating:

"We've always gone head-to-head with Call of Duty [which launches after Battlefield 1 on November 4]," he said, "and so we're not uncomfortable with that, and essentially we're kinda coming from both sides now in the quarter. So we're pretty excited about it."

The timeframe means that the game could be due to launch one week after Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, a similarly-themed futuristic space shooter, during the week commencing November 7. Alternatively, if it falls before Battlefield 1, you should probably expect it to arrive during the first week of October. The original Titanfall launched in March 2014.

Last month, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that he wasn't concerned about Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 cannibalising each other, explaining that the two shooters "fulfil different gameplay motivations".

"There is a very broad and diverse set of players who play games in that category who are looking to fulfil different gameplay motivations," he said. "Some people play very quick play, some people more strategic play, and some people want both in different context. The result of that is, we feel like we actually have a really strong position to deliver the broadest set of gameplay mechanics as it relates to first-person shooter genre across the two titles, and feel very confident that we are well-positioned to do very well in that category in the year."

A release date for Titanfall 2 is expected to be announced during E3 later this month.

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