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Elite Dangerous: Horizons lands on Xbox One

The epic space simulation game, Elite Dangerous, from Frontier is launching a season pass for Xbox One users and the first part is titled, Horizons. Players have had the ability to travel across the 400 billion star systems since last year. Now Frontier is giving players the opportunity to land on actual planets.

In the Horizons update, players can equip their ship with a Surface Recon Vehicle, or SRV. This SRV is capable of landing on rocky or icy moons. Players will now be able to explore planets to discover valuable resources, check out crash sites and battle raid bases.

Frontier has also released a giant update to the rest of Elite Dangerous and now players will have more options to customize their ships. From paint jobs to decals, players will have a lot more options to make their ship reflect the personality of the commander.

Elite Dangerous is a space simulation game that has evolving gameplay and has a completely player-driven narrative. Choose to be a pirate, a trader, or a solider as the player controls all aspects of their adventure in space.  The options are endless. The universe is changing with the launch of Horizons and the different factions are starting to get uneasy. There are also reports of mysterious signs of alien life popping up through the galaxy.

The season pass from Elite Dangerous will have four more additional content patches available in the future. Commanders will be able to pilot freighters that carry other fighter ships. Multi-crew ships are also in the works as is customizing the appearance of players’ avatars.

Elite Dangerous and Horizons is available digitally on Xbox One. The season pass will cost players $29.99, players must already have purchased the game for this discount rate. Otherwise the full game can be purchased for $59.99 and that includes the season pass. For more information, check out or find Elite Dangerous on Facebook or Twitter.

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