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EA explains why Star Wars Battlefront had no campaign - Star Wars: Battlefront for PS4 News

Star Wars Battlefront's lack of a campaign mode was a concious decision made by EA due to time constraints relating to launching in time for The Force Awakens movie, EA Studios executive VP Patrick Soderlund revealed during last night's Investor Day call.

"The one thing that we got criticized for was the lack of a single-player campaign," Soderlund admitted. "There was a conscious decision we made due to time and being able to launch the game side-by-side with the movie that came out to get the strongest possible impact. I think the team created a really good game based on the premise that we had.

"I would say the game has done very well for us and reached a very different demographic than a traditional EA game. So from that perspective, it's a success."

As for the game's 75 Metacritic rating, Soderlund added that this is something the publisher will look to correct with future titles.

"Are we happy with the 75 rating? No. Is that something that we're going to cure going forward? Absolutely," he said.

And it sounds like adding a single-player element will be part of that process. Speaking about enabling a game to "truly break out and become really large," Soderlund said the best scenario is for a title to include both single-player and multiplayer.

A new Star Wars Battlefront title based on the new movies will be released next year.

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