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Katamari-inspired Unbox delayed to 2017 on PS4 & Xbox One - Unbox for PS4 News

The console versions of Katamari Damacy-inspired platformer Unbox have been delayed to 2017, publisher Sold Out has confirmed. The PC version remains on track for release in 2016.

"We tried to do PC and console together," CEO Garry Williams said in the latest issue of MCV. "That's difficult for anybody coming from the indie sector. Usually they [the developer] have a dream of making a title and it's based on enthusiasm and artistic merit. We add the business and commercial sense.

"But when it's small teams, it's hard for them to deliver for PS4, Xbox One and PC together. We have had [to] split it up. So Prospect is releasing Unbox on PC this year, with a console release following in 2017."

Developed by UK indie team Prospect, Unbox is a physics-based platformer that sees players rolling a cardboard box through a variety of worlds while competing in time challenges, solving puzzles and defeating bosses.

The game, which the developer says has been inspired by Super Mario 64, Katamari Damacy, Marble Blast Ultra and Noby Noby Boy, was Greenlit on Steam at the end of last year, with an initial PC release pegged for May 2016. A revised release date has yet to be confirmed.

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