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Dangerous Golf doesn't support keyboard & mouse controls on PC - Dangerous Golf for PC News

The PC version of Dangerous Golf does not support keyboard and mouse controls, developer Three Fields Entertainment has confirmed, with the game instead requiring a controller to play.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers both work natively, the developer says, although you'll need to make use of third-party tools if you wish to use a PS4 controller.

"Dangerous Golf does not support mouse and keyboard play," Three Fields wrote on Steam last night. "Unfortunately there is no native Windows support for PlayStation 4 controllers. Third party tools do exist. We suggest you refer to the Steam forums for support as there are many discussions there about this issue. Hope that helps."

It continued: "We have [had] no issues to date with the 360 or Xbox One controllers. We don't have any control over the PlayStation 4 controller - Windows doesn't officially support it. Hence why we refer you to the Steam forums for advice on third party tools that will get it to work. Best of Luck."

Dangerous Golf isn't the first PC game to require a controller, of course. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons also required a controller, although this is clearly marked above the buy button on Steam - something Dangerous Golf doesn't do. Instead, the warning is listed in the game's system requirements at the bottom of the store page, where it states: "Game Controller required; no mouse and keyboard support".

Dangerous Golf releases digitally today on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Look out for our thoughts on it later today.

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