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Nintendo NX & PlayStation 4.5/Neo due for TGS reveal - Report -

Nintendo NX and PlayStation 4.5, reportedly codenamed PlayStation Neo, are both scheduled to be revealed at Tokyo Game Show this September, according to a report by VRWorld.

The website claims that NX "should be announced during Tokyo Game Show 2016", later stating that Neo should also "make its debut" at the show.

Neither Sony or Nintendo have yet specified when the two consoles will be revealed - nor has Sony yet officially confirmed that it is working on a new console at all. Nintendo NX is due to release globally in March 2017, with VR World claiming that Neo will be available "as soon as Holiday Season 2016 – in time for the PlayStation VR headset".

VR World's report also goes into detail on some of the Neo's alleged specifications, claiming that the GPU and memory will be higher clocked, as reported previously.

Microsoft is also expected to be working on a new console, with some speculating that it could be revealed at next month's E3. Tokyo Game Show, meanwhile, kicks off on Thursday, September 15.

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