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Prepare your wallets: Skylanders introduces physical cards with new 'cards-to-life' battle game -

Activision has released Skylanders Battlecast, a new free-to-play card battle game available exclusively on mobile devices.

Available now on iOS, Android and Kindle, the game introduces physical cards to the franchise for the first time, allowing players to build their own team of Skylanders by collecting character cards, before combining them with powerful Spell Cards, Gear Cards, and Relic Cards for a boost in battle.

24 character cards will be available from launch, with 22-card Battle Packs available for £9.99, and 8-card Booster Packs available for £4.99.

Battle Packs guarantee three specific character cards, while Booster Packs offer a random selection of Character Cards, Spell Cards, Gear Cards, Relic Cards and the chance to collect special gold and silver foil variants. Cards can also be purchased digitally.

"Skylanders Battlecast is a mobile card battle game that takes physical cards and brings them to life," says Activision. "Players transport their characters into the game using the camera on their mobile device. Once the card is activated, the character can jump right into battle or participate in a mini game."

Unlike amiibo cards, however, which use NFC technology, Skylanders Battlecast simply uses your mobile device's camera to scan the cards into the game. Once they've been scanned, the card pops to life in-game as a 3D character, similar to the portal mechanic found in the existing games.

A single-player campaign is included along with PvP battles, allowing players to compete against their friends.

The next core game in the Skylanders franchise, meanwhile, which is expected to release later this year, has yet to be announced.

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