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Plays, 21st May, 2016 -

As ever my free gaming time is mostly being taken up with titles I'm reviewing, but I did manage to play an hour or so of Doom. So far it's living up to everything good people have been saying about it. And it looks great. I'm even playing it on Xbox One, the console everyone loves to hate, and it still looks impressive. The movement speed is lightning fast, the take downs are brutal, and the combat is just fun. I can't remember the last time I played an FPS where I was so instantly entertained.

Homefronter, eh? Boy, are people mad at this game. But I didn't hate it: in fact I quite enjoyed it, when it wasn't falling over and being weird and all that, which was quite a lot of the time. It's got a good atmosphere, you see, like a Terminator movie but with slightly more robots. It's like a Far Cry game with less mammoths, which is good enough for me. Sadly, the story is a bit rubbish. And by a bit, I mean a lot. Oh well.

Now, listen. LISTEN. Next week is a very exciting time for Steven W. Burns. No, I'm not taking delivery of a cache of Uzis (that's the week after). Instead, I'm off to play the new version of one of the best games I've ever played. I'm sure you can work it out.

Anyway, must dash. My people need me.

After the stories about review copies being held back until launch, I bought DOOM on a whim, cautiously optimistic about the game's campaign and, to be honest, completely uninterested in the online multiplayer. But what a ride it's turned out to be! I finished the campaign earlier this week and, while the Hell maps felt like they were just about to outstay their welcome, it's one of the best shooter campaigns I've played in years, and certainly the most entertaining on current-gen.

I've just started getting into the swing of multiplayer, too. At first it doesn't seem like anything special; a nod back to the Quake 3 days without the modernisation you'd perhaps expect. But after a few games, once you get a feel for its pace and the unlocks start to tick in, that all changes. Last weekend, I ended up hooked on DOOM's multiplayer until the early hours of the morning, something that hasn't happened to me since Rainbow Six Siege. And you know how I felt about that one… So yeah, if you're still on the fence about DOOM, I'd definitely recommend checking it out. It's excellent, and I'm not sure Bethesda realised what it had until it was too late.

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