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Kojima's world tour has been in search of a game engine for new project -

Hideo Kojima has told an audience at Nordic Game 2016 that his first post-Konami game – a PS4 exclusive – will utilise a third-party game engine.

His ongoing world tour of leading game studios has all been to discover suitable tools, he revealed.

"I actually think it's better to make games using internal tools," Kojima said, as reported by IGN. "As for my first title, because I want to release it to the people who are waiting for it, for that title we are going to use a third-party engine - the reason I am travelling around the world is looking for such technology to use."

Kojima has taken in many sights, stopping off at studios including Quantic Dream, Crytek, Guerrilla and Media Molecule.

The scope of the game also appears to have grown as a result of his travels.

"At the beginning I was thinking to make a small title, [but] after I met friends and acquaintances worldwide they said, 'no everyone's expecting you to make a big title'. So the first title coming from me will be a big title," he explained.

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