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The Order: 1886 dev reveals zany multiplayer title De-formers - De-formers for PS4 News

How do you follow dingy Victorian action horror The Order: 1886? With a zany competitive multiplayer game called De-formers.

De-formers from Ready at Dawn and publishing partner GameTrust – GameStop's new publishing label – will be launching soon on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and tasks players with taking their "Form" and rolling it around an arena to knock other players out of the game.

"We've always taken a different path from what people expect," Ru Weerasuriya, chief creative officer and president of Ready at Dawn told GamesBeat. "We've done platformers (Daxter), action games (God of War: Chains of Olympus), and third-person shooters (The Order: 1886). Now we've got an arena melee combat game."

As a "Form" players can jump, roll, dash, shoot, throw, and defend.

All the action can take place via local split-screen or online with up to eight players.

"That feeling of playing couch games like Mario Kart is something we have held very close in our hearts," added Weerasuriya. "This is a game that allows for that. We are trying to recapture that, with up to four people on a couch."

An exact release date for De-formers has yet to be announced.

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