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Game-breaking Homefront: The Revolution bug fix hopefully coming 'within the next week' - Homefront: The Revolution for PS4 News

Dambuster Studios hopes to fix a game-breaking bug introduced to the PS4 version of Homefront: The Revolution "within the next week", the developer has said.

The bug, which was introduced in the latest 1.03 title update, is reported to impact Hearts & Minds progress and remove all icons from the map, making it impossible to progress. Earlier this week, the developer asked fans to submit their PS4 profiles and save files to help them get to the bottom of the issue.

But in a new update posted on the game's forum earlier today, Dambuster said that it wished to be "as transparent as possible" to make sure fans are "aware of our progress in bringing Homefront: The Revolution to where we want it to be.

"The studio greatly understands that there are players wishing to progress and are unable to at this current time. This doesn't sit right with us and the whole team is working as fast as possible to fix both top reported issues and performance."

It continued: "A minor update patch for PlayStation 4 owners was released earlier this week, unfortunately the release of this patch revealed an underlying issue that was already present in the game. The bug has affected a relatively small number of PlayStation 4 players but has prevented them from continuing to enjoy the game. We have been asking users affected to send us their save games so that we can analyse to see exactly what went wrong.

"We have received a number of files and the team are very close to fixing the issue and preventing it from occurring on other platforms. We would like to thank everyone who submitted save files and gave valuable information to us, we are working hard to ensure that the fix will be in the next patch update."

Issues relating to DLC, crashes and stutters linked to autosaves are also being worked on, the studio adds.

"Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver are committed to giving our community the best possible Homefront experience that we can," it continued. "As mentioned previously in this post we have a number of improvements that will be released in the next patch update, we hope to have this available to all players within the next week but we need to ensure that adequate testing is performed on it to mitigate any issues that may arise from the order in which a player has taken prior patch updates.

"As a high priority, Dambuster are actively working on a series of performance improvements to increase the overall framerate of the game across all platforms, these will be released in subsequent patches alongside further optimisation of the checkpoint save system, crash fixes and fixes for community raised issues.

"Dambuster Studios would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their patience and assistance provided so far."

Homefront: The Revolution launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC last week, debuting at No.3 in this week's charts.

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