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Ubisoft expects another traditional console generation before streaming -

UPDATE: It appears that Guillemot may have been referring to a new generation of traditional consoles arriving ahead of streaming consoles, rather than commenting on mid-cycle upgrades.

As reported by IGN, when asked later in the call specifically about the rumoured mid-generation PS4 upgrade, Guillemot replied:

"For the new consoles, there's nothing official on that so my expectation is we will have another cycle of consoles before we go to streaming. I don't have dates or anything but what I see is the manufacturers would prefer to have again a new hardware to take up the potential of new possibilities that they can bring."

ORIGINAL STORY: Ubisoft is expecting a mid-cycle console update ahead of an entirely new console generation, Yves Guillemot has said.

Speaking during the publisher's FY16 financial results last night, Guillemot explained: "On the console side, we expect there will be new consoles that are going to make this market continue to grow, and we feel we'll still have another generation of consoles before we have new types of consoles coming to the market."

Guillemot's comments follow months of rumours about the possibility of revised PS4 and Xbox One hardware, after Xbox boss Phil Spencer revealed in March that Microsoft had plans to "come out with new hardware capability during a generation". Details of an alleged new PS4, reportedly codenamed Neo, came to light in the weeks following.

Earlier this week, EA said that it would be ready for any mid-cycle updates thanks to its scalable Frostbite engine.

Neither Microsoft or Sony have yet officially announced new consoles, although speculation points to a reveal at next month's E3 or September's TGS.

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