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Raccoon City and Police Station maps revealed for Umbrella Corps - Umbrella Corps for PS4 News

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps will feature maps based on the franchise's iconic Raccoon City and Police Station locations, Capcom has announced.

The Raccoon City map features wide open city streets and a maze-like sewer system, offering contrasting play areas. The Police Station map is filled with barricades throughout the halls, but a general lack of hiding places means you'll inevitably end up in many close quarter encounters.

The maps are available in multiplayer modes as well as The Experiment single player mode.

Capcom has also announced the Upgrade Pack, featuring a collection of iconic Resident Evil character skins, weapons, patches, custom colours, and emotes. You'll find masks for Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, Leon S. Kennedy, Barry Burton and Jake Muller as well as a HUNK set with a helmet, mask and outfit.

Upgrade Pack is available as an add-on for £11.99, or is included in The Deluxe Edition of Umbrella Corps priced £32.99.

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps will launch on June 21 for PS4 and PC.

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