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Mass Effect: New Earth attraction gets rave review -

Mass Effect: New Earth, a 4D holographic attraction at Great America, has opened its doors to press and an early report by California Coaster Kings is very positive.

Great America is a regional theme park and isn't classed as a major player such as Disney and Universal parks, but impressions of the new Mass Effect attraction indicate it would not be out of place at a more prestigious venue.

The attraction mainly takes place inside a futuristic sci-fi theatre complete with what the creators – a collaborative effort between Cedar Fair, Electronic Arts, BioWare, and 3D Live - claim to be the world's largest and highest definition LED display.

The ride also boasts cameos from the likes of Garrus, Grunt and Shepard, each voiced by the original voice actors. All the action is directly linked with the movement of the seats, giving participants that 4D experience, complete with smoke and other effects to aid with the immersion.

Check the video below for an idea of the work that went into creating the attraction.

You'll find a complete report along with more images over on California Coaster Kings.

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