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Plays, 28th May, 2016 -

Aside from playing far more Dead Island than I ever thought I would, I've been putting some time into Doom. It really is excellent, isn't it? There's something about the movement, not only of you as the player, but of the enemies, that feels new. It's so smooth it resembles a CG video made to showcase what the game devs were aiming for, yet it's actually playable. It's a bit rough around the edges at times, but it's one of the few current-gen games that has really impressed me visually.

Remember when Umbrella Corps was announced and everyone kind of went 'huh'? Well, yeah. Having played it now I still can't work out who it's for, and not just because I'm a stupid games journalist. It's a bizarre thing: it wants to be blazing fast moment-to-moment – and indeed it is – but the rest of the game is so slow you wonder exactly who it's aimed at.

Anyway, I didn't have much fun with it, as you can probably tell. But I did have a lot of fun with another Secret Game, which was really, really good. It made me smile and everything, which I must admit did feel weird. The game in question can't be revealed until early next week, but I'll have plenty of words for you, and plenty of #positivity. NewBurnsFaceTurn and all that.

This week I have mostly been playing Overwatch, as has everyone else in the world (apart from, apparently, the other staff on this website). It's a very good game. It's very well made. You may notice these as opinions shared by most other people, but it is. It's impressively well designed.

My favourite character at the moment is Lúcio, because he's very fast and you also feel like you're helping the team without having to put much effort in (this is true of most Support characters, I've found, although someone who is actually good at playing support is a different matter). Currently there is still a high percentage of players choosing Reaper, which means the phrase "DIE! DIE! DIE!" will be haunting my dreams at some point, although it is still really funny when someone starts their ultimate ability and is immediately killed (bonus points if it's a Pharah trying to rain justice from above in mid air or Reinhardt accidentally flinging himself off the side of the map, that shit is hilarious).

In other Blizzard themed news, I saw an early screening of Warcraft (Jim Trinca was also in attendance) and it really doesn't deserve the roasting it's getting from some reviewers. It's a decent film!

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