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Homefront: The Revolution dev asks fans to submit PS4 game saves to help squash major new bug - Homefront: The Revolution for PS4 News

Homefront: The Revolution developer Dambuster Studios has asked PS4 players to send them their profile and save game to help them investigate a major new bug introduced in the game's latest update.

Yesterday's 1.03 update is reported to have introduced a new issue to the PS4 version that removes icons from the in-game map, making it impossible to see missions, side-quests, NPCs and collectibles. Stats linked to the player's progress and the game's Hearts & Minds feature are also said to have been affected.

The issue was acknowledged by Dambuster on Twitter this morning, where it said that it is "aware of an issue surrounding map icons on PS4 affecting some players after the latest update. The team are investigating currently."

It also left a message on its forum asking affected players to upload their PS4 profile and save game to file-sharing site Dropbox, which it hopes will let it investigate the issue quicker.

"We are working on getting to the bottom of what is happening and having as many save games as possible will help us get there quicker," wrote community manager Craig Turner. "We appreciate your help and patience."

Homefront: The Revolution launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC last Friday, May 20, but has been heavily criticised by the community and critics for its bugs and performance issues. Last week, Dambuster admitted that the game's framerate "is not currently where we want it to be".

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