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Monster Hunter Generations launches on Nintendo 3DS in July -

Monster Hunter Generations, the next game in Capcom's long-running action-RPG series, will launch in Europe on Nintendo 3DS on July 15, Nintendo has announced.

The game will be joined by a red, special edition Monster Hunter Generations New Nintendo 3DS XL, which is also due to go on sale on July 15 and comes with a digital copy pre-installed. You can check out what it looks like in the image below.

"Monster Hunter Generations allows players to take on a variety of unique monsters in over 20 different hunting locations, either solo or in local and online multiplayer modes," says Nintendo. "By collecting items from their hunts, players can craft more powerful weapons and armour, allowing even more dangerous quests to be taken on. With the choice of four different Hunting Styles and spectacular Hunter Arts special moves to equip, Monster Hunter Generations is the most customisable Monster Hunter experience yet."

And if you want to give it a go before picking it up, you can. A playable demo of the game is set to be released on the Nintendo eShop this summer ahead of the game's release.

A price for the 3DS bundle has yet to be confirmed.

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