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Info on new consoles coming at E3, says GameStop CEO -

More information on new consoles will be revealed at E3 later this month, GameStop CEO Paul Raines has said.

The retail boss leaked the news in an interview with Fox Business yesterday while discussing the success of Uncharted 4, where he said that he is "pretty pleased" with the performance of the title.

"It's coming off of a year, we had a record net income year last year and our GameStop-branded stores had record profitability as did our technology-brand stores," he continued, "so we're very happy with that title and where the business is at.

"We'd love to see some virtual reality and some new consoles come in. We're going to hear about that at E3. But I'd say for investors, GameStop's very healthy and a very resilient company."

Raines' comments follow just weeks after he said that he expects to see "some new consoles in the next few years", and months of rumours suggesting that new Xbox and PlayStation hardware could be revealed at E3.

A more powerful PS4, reportedly codenamed PlayStation Neo, is currently rumoured to be in development at Sony, while a slim Xbox One and more powerful Xbox console are rumoured to be in the works at Microsoft. Neither platform holder has yet confirmed plans to release a new console, although Microsoft has dropped a major hint at new hardware.

It also dropped the price of Xbox One to $299 in the States yesterday.

Nintendo, meanwhile, has previously confirmed that its next console, the Nintendo NX, will not be on display at E3. The console goes on sale worldwide in March 2017.

E3 begins in just under two weeks' time on Tuesday, June 14.

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