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Old-school FPS Hard Reset Redux launches on June 3 - Hard Reset Redux for PS4 News

Hard Reset Redux, a revamped version of Wild Hog's 2011 FPS, will launch for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on June 3, complete with 1080p 60 FPS visuals on all platforms. Check the video below for an extended look at the game.

Wild Hog went on to create Shadow Warrior, so that will give you an idea of the Hard Reset experience.

"The world as we know it has ceased to exist," reads the game's blurb. "Surrounded by vast, hostile wastelands, the remnants of humankind's dwindling population live within the closed city of Bezoar, but the walls have been breached. As a CLN soldier, you are all that stands between the hive mind machines of The Sanctuary, and total extinction."

Redux promises an upgraded visual engine and rebalanced gameplay, plus new enemies and weaponry. You also get 2012's Exile expansion worked into the game.

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