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Hitman: Blood Money remaster considered by IO - Hitman: Blood Money for Xbox 360 News

UPDATE: IO Interactive's global brand PR manager Sven Liebold has said that the tweet discussing a Blood Money remaster "was put out of context slightly" and that it is not currently on the developer's radar.

"To be honest [that Tweet] was put out of context slightly," Liebold told the Daily Star. "Of course the old developers that worked on Blood Money, they still love the game, they're very attached to it. But at this moment we're really excited where we are with the new game and we’re putting all our energy and creativity into creating new stuff."

He continued: "Maybe something will happen down the line... but right now, it's not on our radar."

ORIGINAL STORY: IO Interactive has considered remastering 2006's Hitman: Blood Money, the developer has revealed, although its current focus remains on this year's game.

Responding to a fan on Twitter asking whether the developer had thought about remastering the 10 year-old game, IO replied: "Yes, we have considered it. Blood Money is a much-loved game & we'd want to do it justice. Focus now is on the current game though."

Hitman: Blood Money is considered by many fans to be one of the best entries in the franchise, with Tom scoring it an 8/10 in his original review. The game initially launched on Xbox 360, PC, PS2 and the original Xbox in May 2006, before being included with the Hitman HD Trilogy in 2013. It was followed up by Hitman Absolution in 2012.

The third episode in the latest game in the series, simply titled Hitman, is expected to arrive later this month.

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