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Mirror's Edge Catalyst EA/Origin Access trial begins June 1 - but it's limited to 6 hours - Mirror's Edge Catalyst for Xbox One News

UPDATE: EA has revealed more details on Mirror's Edge Catalyst's EA/Origin Access trial, confirming that it will actually begin one day earlier on June 1, not the previously reported June 2.

The trial will also be limited to 10 missions and 2 districts, but will offer access to the game's 'Social Play' features, which are presumably things like time trial leaderboards. It isn't clear whether side-missions will also be available during the trial, however.

As usual, Access members will also save 10% on the full digital game should they choose to pick it up, with progress made in the trial also able to be transferred over.

ORIGINAL STORY: EA and Origin Access members will be able to download a trial of Mirror's Edge Catalyst next Thursday, June 2, one week before the full game's release on June 9, EA has revealed.

The trial will be limited to 6 hours, however, not the 10 hours offered by most EA Access trials. It isn't yet clear whether there will be further limitations to the trial, or whether the full suite of game modes and story will be unlocked and available to play.

The 6 hour limit, of course, is likely in place to prevent players from being able to finish the campaign during the trial period, something previous EA title Unravel got around by limiting players to the first two levels. The levels were still playable for up to 10 hours, however, should you wish to go back and try them again.

EA has yet to say how long Mirror's Edge Catalyst's campaign will be.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst introduces a brand-new open world structure to the free-running series, and sees lead character Faith fighting for freedom in the city of Glass.

The full game launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on June 9. EA/Origin Access is only available on Xbox One and PC.

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