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Video game comedy series starring Seinfeld's Jason Alexander in production, says report -

A brand new comedy series based on the lives of video game designers is currently being produced by two former Ubisoft employees, according to a report by Canadian website La Presse.

The show will allegedly be called Pinball Wizards and star Seinfeld's Jason Alexander as a video game creator "who is accused of being sexist, violent and misogynist" following the launch of his latest game.

Assassin's Creed writer Alexandre Amancio and Splinter Cell: Double Agent designer Mathieu Lariviere are both said to be on-board, with Amancio reported to have directed the 30-minute pilot.

It isn't yet clear where the series will be broadcast, although La Presse's report says that is "intended" for Netflix. The show is being filmed at various locations within Quebec, Canada under the codename '1UP'.

While Jason Alexander may be taking on the main role, however, he is reportedly filming his scenes remotely "in front of a green screen in Los Angeles", with his performance added to scenes in post-production.

The show is being produced by Reflector Entertainment, the report adds, a transmedia company founded by Amancio in 2013.

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