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Rainbow Six Siege launches £12 Starter Edition - Rainbow Six Siege for PC News

Ubisoft has launched a new lower-priced version of Rainbow Six Siege on PC, allowing players to jump into the online shooter for a lower upfront cost.

The Starter Edition, which is available for £11.99 on Steam, provides full access to all of the game's modes, maps, weapons and progression, along with instant access to up to 4 of the game's characters.

Unlocking the 16 remaining characters, however, requires more grinding than it would in the standard game, with each requiring 12,500 Renown (Rainbow Six Siege's in-game currency) rather than the 500-2,000 Renown typically needed. DLC Operators, meanwhile, require 25,000 Renown each, just as they do in the Standard Edition.

Alternatively, you can unlock the additional characters by purchasing Rainbow 6 Credits through microtransactions.

Essentially, though, the Starter Edition is identical to the Standard Edition, albeit with additional grinding to unlock new characters. It's significantly cheaper, though, with the Standard Edition currently retailing for £29.99 on Steam.

The Starter Edition will only be available until Sunday, June 19, although you'll be able to continue playing after that date should you choose to pick it up. Ubisoft says it doesn't currently have any plans to bring the Starter Edition to console.

To find out more about how the Starter Edition works, head through to Ubisoft's big FAQ.

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