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The Division appears to be quickly bleeding out

Recent analytics have shown that The Division’s player base has dwindled to minuscule numbers. After selling extremely well upon release, the game has apparently failed to keep its players coming back to the game.

The Division once ranked in the top 5 games played on Steam, but now barely claws its way into the top 50. Peak players were recorded as high as 2.1 million, and are now only reaching 143,000. This hemorrhaging of players, a 93% drop in player base, can be attributed to a number or troubles this game has faced since launch. The major problem is the infestation of hackers and cheaters. Other potential reasons include; lack of bans for offenders, bug fixes rolling out too slowly, and content not being released fast enough to appease the masses.

With numbers sinking this low, this fast, it seems that the only thing that could breathe new life into The Division would be a sequel.

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