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Remedy's new IP isn't being published by Microsoft - Quantum Break for Xbox One News

Remedy's new AAA IP is not being published by Microsoft, the developer has confirmed. Instead, it's to be published by a "brand new partner", Polygon reports, with more details set to be revealed at a later date.

"We have to respect our partner and it's up to them to decide when they want to talk about the game," business director Johannnes Paloheimo explained, adding that a second game currently in the concept stage is still without a publisher.

"We are constantly seeking and talking about business opportunities," he continued. "It's a very long process, a very complicated one. Many, many stars need to align."

It isn't yet clear who Remedy has partnered with for its new game, or whether the second game is a new IP or a return to Remedy's latest franchise Quantum Break.

Whatever it is, though, it won't be a new Alan Wake.

"We're not currently working on an Alan Wake game," head of communication Thomas Puha adds. "We talked with [Polygon] about Alan Wake almost a year ago and our stance hasn’t changed. If the right opportunity came along we would like to do more. That doesn’t mean there isn't one in the future. We just don't want to tease people and give them the wrong impression."

Remedy has partnered with Microsoft on all of its major releases since 2010's Alan Wake, having previously worked with Rockstar on Max Payne and Max Payne 2.

"Even though [the two new games] are clearly Remedy games, with a strong Remedy DNA, to some they might come as a positive surprise, a little bit more than what we’ve done in the past," Paloheimo continues. "We're also trying to break out of genres and reach out to new audiences, especially with one of our new games."

Quantum Break released on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC in April.

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