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Upgrade to Xbox One Scorpio will feel like a new generation, says Xbox boss -

The upgrade to Xbox One Scorpio will feel as big a leap as the traditional new generation of console, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has told The Verge.

"I actually think the upgrade to Scorpio in terms of visual fidelity will feel as dramatic of a change as we're used to seeing in new generations," said Spencer.

Whilst the Scorpio will offer a lot more graphical power under its shell, Xbox users will be able to play all their existing games on the new system.

"We're investing in Xbox Live and content so that as you upgrade the experience moves with you," he explained.

"What we’re saying is that we're going to ship Xbox One games, and those games will run on Xbox One, run on Xbox One S, and run on Scorpio," he explained.

Xbox One S and a more powerful Xbox One, codenamed Project Scorpio, were revealed earlier today. The Xbox One S will offer 4K video playback, including UHD Blu-ray support, with prices starting at only £249.

The Scorpio will launch Holiday 2017 and promises huge amounts of power to deliver 4K games and VR.

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