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Xbox Scorpio is a new generation, but remains part of the family -

Project Scorpio, the Holiday 2017 new Xbox which promises 6 teraflops of GPU power, is seen by Microsoft as a new generation to the Xbox One and PS4, but with one key difference to the usual generation change, says Xbox boss Phil Spencer.

"When you see things like 4K coming, I want to make sure that we create a part of the Xbox One family that supports 4K but doesn't have you feel like you're leaving all the content investment that you made in the platform itself," Spencer told GamesIndustry.

"So that's what we think about the generations differently. 4K I think you can say will be a generation, but unlike in previous consoles, we don't want you to have to feel like you left behind the experience you had."

Spencer added: "Frankly, if you're an Xbox One customer, and you want to continue to build your library and buy and play games, if and when you decide 4K and Scorpio is for you, we'll be there. And if you never do, you're a great customer for us. I don't need to abandon you in any way. In fact, I want to keep you as happy with your Xbox One as you've ever been. So that's what we think about Xbox One and Xbox One S and Scorpio as all part of one family."

Those looking to jump into the Xbox One family sooner might be tempted by the 4K capable Xbox One S, which promises to be the cheapest way to access UHD Blu-ray movies and 4K streaming services.

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