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What's included in Watch Dogs 2's $99 Gold Edition? - Watch Dogs 2 for PS4 News

Listings for three different digital versions of Watch Dogs 2 have appeared on Amazon ahead of the game's official reveal later today.

The retailer currently has pre-orders available for a $59.99 Standard Edition, $69.99 Deluxe Edition and $99.99 Gold Edition, although there isn't any information detailing the extra content included with the two premium SKUs.

The existence of a Gold Edition does suggest that Watch Dogs 2 may be getting a season pass, however. The original game's £15.99 season pass offered access 3 new missions, weapons and skins, plus a new single-player 'campaign' starring side character T-Bone.

A 30 second trailer for Watch Dogs 2 leaked earlier today, offering a look at the game's San Francisco setting and 'surprising' new tone, and confirming a November 15 release date.

A full reveal is due at 5pm BST this evening. Ubisoft believes the game has the potential to be one of the publisher's "best-selling games of all time".

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