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The 4 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2016 -

E3 is just around the corner and this year seems so jam packed with announcements and reveals that some of them can't be contained inside the E3 fun pot (see here, here and here). We're not talking about leaks, here though, but games we know are going to be on show next week that we reckon are going to be great. Here are the four most anticipated games of E3 2016.

Rare doesn't carry the weight it used to, but the Microsoft owned studio is still capable of producing magic. We've seen very little of its Pirate-themed online adventure game, Sea of Thieves, but I so desperately want to believe it's going to be wonderful. A game that resembles Destiny but with a sense of humour should be awesome. This is a game that Microsoft needs to be a success, not only for the Xbox One but for the sake of its first-party line-up. With the company so reliant on its go-to titles (Forza, Halo, Gears), a truly excellent new IP could ignite interest in console.

I just hope Sea of Thieves isn't too much like an MMO and can be enjoyed alone as well as with friends. If it's a proper adventure, full of secrets and far off lands to explore, I'll be there day one. Pre-order Sea of Thieves now from Amazon(?)

Well, it had to be, didn't it? Resi remake is my favourite game of all time, and so I'm very interested in what Capcom is doing with the next instalment. Is it, as rumoured, a reboot which takes the series back to its horror roots? Yeah, almost definitely. So I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Anything else? Well, so far Hitman 2016 has been the game of the year, no question about it. So, really, all I'm hoping for (bar Resi) at E3 2016 is some new info on the next episode. The rest of the E3 lineup leaves me cold: I'm not really excited about any of the things we know about, bar PES 2017, which is obviously brilliant. I suppose you could say that I'm 'interested' in a lot of the games: can Battlefield 1 really use its backdrop for anything other than mad, offensive nonsense? What's Watch Dogs 2 really all about? Is Titanfall 2 going to make a big splash and never be heard from again? Will we see a big Assassin's Creed reveal (yes)? Does anyone really care?

Who knows, but put it this way: as long as I get Resi news, I'm set.

With a Game of the Year award-winning base to build on (yes, it was), Titanfall 2 could easily be this year's multiplayer shooter of choice. When I first heard the rumour about grappling hooks, I wasn't overly keen. They are, after all, this generation's bow and arrow. But when I started to think about how they could improve the game's movement system - chaining together wall-runs and potentially (OMG) rope-swinging Titans - well... you can start to see why Respawn may have gone down that route.

A lot of questions remain, though. Will it be built on a new engine? Will it have a single-player campaign? And is it really being sent out to die immediately after Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty? We'll find out more on Sunday. Pre-order Titanfall 2 now from Amazon(?)

Unprecedentedly terrible title aside, I am super interested to see more of Battlefield 1. I've fallen out of love with war–themed shooters, mostly due to the fatigue of seeing them doing basically the same thing every year or so, but the trailer for Battlefield 1 was awesome! It's going to be different! Or, at least, that is my assumption. The trailer was also pretty vague, which was obviously deliberate.

That's why I'm excited to see more of Battlefield 1: because right now it could be amazing. There are a lot of exciting words being thrown around: Zeppelins! Horses! Planes! Destructible environments! New weapons! Huge multiplayer! Expanded single-player campaign! These are all things which interest me, but I know none of the specifics. I hope it's good. I want Battlefield 1 to be the game that gets me back into the traditional FPS stuff. I just really wish they hadn't called it Battlefield 1. That name was signed off by a lot of different people who all apparently thought it was okay and it doesn't speak to their good decision making for the rest of the game. Pre-order Battlefield 1 now from Amazon(?)

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