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If Just Cause was a 90s cartoon it might look a bit like this - Just Cause 3 for PS4 News

Just Cause 3's latest DLC 'Mech Land Assault' is out tomorrow for all players, and to get fans in the mood Square Enix has released an animated launch trailer in the style of a 90s kids cartoon.

The question is, why isn't there a DLC which turns all the game's visuals cel-shaded?

Mech Land Assault sees Rio venturing to the new island of Lacrima, home to an abandoned eDen research base and a prison camp run by the mysterious Black Hand.

Mech Land Assault is priced £9.49, or is included in the £19.99 Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass.

Look out for Bavarium Sea Heist, the final content pack, to release by the end of summer.

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