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LEGO Dimensions year 2 leak reveals Adventure Time, Harry Potter, A Team & more - LEGO Dimensions for PS4 News

Looks like the rumours are true: Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Mission Impossible and The A Team are all coming to LEGO Dimensions, according to a leak by Amazon Mexico.

The first details on the new packs have been listed by the retailer ahead of their expected reveal later today, with expansions linked to Sonic The Hedgehog, Powerpuff Girls, The Goonies, Teen Titans and The Fantastic Beasts also rumoured to be on the way.

The first cropped image of an alleged Sonic pack has also appeared on NeoGAF, allegedly originating from message board 4chan.

Meanwhile, a major new Story Pack based on the new Ghostbusters movie will allegedly allow players to play through the entire film.

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