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Sony's E3 demos were all running on a standard PS4 - not Neo - God of War (PS4) for PS4 News

Every demo shown during Sony's E3 press conference was running on a standard PS4, not the more powerful PlayStation 4 Neo, Shuhei Yoshida has confirmed.

The platform holder revealed the first demos of God of War, Spider-Man, Days Gone, Death Stranding and more during its conference, along with new looks at Horizon: Zero Dawn and Detroit: Beyond Human.

However, it also confirmed that a more powerful PS4 - the PlayStation 4 Neo - was in development in the days prior, leading to some questions over whether the games were running on the upgraded hardware.

But that isn't the case, worldwide studios head Yoshida confirmed on Twitter, stating: "Everything is on a standard PS4."

A release date for PlayStation 4 Neo has yet to be confirmed.

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