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Kill Strain launches free for PS4 on July 12 - Kill Strain for PS4 News

Kill Strain, a mutant vs human PvP game currently in Limited Access on PS4, will launch on July 12 for PS Plus members and a week later on July 19 for all other players.

Kill Strain pits three teams - two teams of four humans, and one team of one or two mutants - against one another. The twist is that mutants can turn their human opponents, resulting in dynamic team sizes as matches progress.

Those players in the Limited Access test who level up to 20 on or before Monday, July 4 at 11:59pm PDT, will be rewarded at the close of the beta with an exclusive in-game item – The Vanguard Vincent Skin.

If you wish to take part in the Limited Access phase you can still sign up over on, with a big wave of invites going out between June 29 and July 3.

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