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Criterion's multi-vehicle racing game has been cancelled -

Criterion's untitled extreme sports racer has been cancelled, EA has confirmed.

The project's cancellation will allow the studio to focus its efforts on the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront VR experience and, EA says, "build new ideas".

"While they've moved on from the previous project they've spoken about and aren't pursuing it, they are continuing to build new ideas and experiment with new IP for EA, in addition to continuing to collaborate with other EA studios," an EA representative told GameSpot.

Criterion revealed the project at E3 2014, which was set to be a first-person multi-vehicle racer that let players don a wingsuit or jump behind the wheel of speedboats, ATVs, bikes, helicopters and planes.

"We've got a character for the first time and we'll have some on-foot play as well," general manager Matt Webster told us at the time. "We know and love vehicle-to-vehicle interaction; it's our bread and butter, it's the excitement and the action that people love. But we also think that person and vehicle interactions are really important and exciting."

The game hasn't been seen since 2014, however, despite Webster telling us that the studio planned to show fans "the game that we are making as we are making it".

"People have always wanted to get a handle on how things are made or wanted to connect with games earlier than ever before," he said. "Let's give it a go."

Last week it was revealed that Criterion is collaborating with DICE on a new Star Wars Battlefront VR experience. It also helped the studio develop the speeder sections in last year's Battlefront.

Besides that, Criterion more recently collaborated with Visceral on Battlefield Hardline, and developed 2010's Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and 2012's Need For Speed: Most Wanted. However, it is most fondly known for its work on the Burnout series, which hasn't seen a core game released since 2008's Burnout Paradise.

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