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5 other nostalgia-addled Lego Dimensions packs that we want to see -

Euro 96 – or, as it's now more colloquially known, the last time England were any fucking good at football – now seems like some sort of lovely dream. Can you believe it's been 20 years since that fateful tournament? Since the politics, culture and other shenanigans that went with it and dominated the English way of life? Yeah, actually. That's how time works. Anyway, with Euro 2016 underway nostalgia for the last major international football tourney to be held on English soil is high, so to capitalise the playset will feature Wembley, the Groucho, Liam and Noel Gallagher, Peroxide Gazza, Skinner and Baddiel, Dani Behr, Terry Christian, and Terry Wogan.

Hard to believe now, but back in 1997 Tony Blair was something of a darling amongst the public. For a while, at least: he'd barely been in the job for more than 18 months before everyone had decided he might actually be a bit of a shit. We knew for sure just a few short years later.

Released next year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Labour's election, Lego Blair Government is an insight into one of the headiest times in modern politics. Playset includes Number 10, the Groucho, Blair, Brown, Alistair Campbell, Noel Gallagher, a creeping sense of unease, and a secret WMD hidden somewhere in the level.

Celebrate the Last Good War with this incredible, nostalgia-filled ode to the good old days when you could Do A War and get away with it. Relive the beautiful time when not only was the Ultimate Warrior the WWF Champion, but America was the world's ultimate warrior. Playset includes Kuwaiti oilfields, George H. W. Bush, Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf, Saddam Hussein (plus two doubles) and looming regret that you didn't go 'all the way' to Baghdad. A sequel, set 13 years later and starring Bush's son, is rumoured to be in the works, and is expected to be a huge hit.

One of the most anticipated celebrity tie-ins ever offered, you too can be OJ Simpson at the height of his fame. Playset includes a courtroom, OJ, Kim Kardashian's dad, key members of the LAPD, and an incredible sense of knotted tension which threatens to envelop an entire city. Special edition version comes with a set of OJ-endorsed gloves, a fake moustache, and eight thousand dollars in cash.

Lego SG-1 (You were explicitly told to write about the movie, Jim, not the shit TV show – Ed.) – bit of no-brainer, this. The Stargate itself always looked purposely designed to spawn a range of toy playsets. Lego SG-1 will let players re-live their favourite moments from the beloved series, specifically all those times O'Neill, Jackson, Carter and Teal'c went to a forest in Vancouver to patronise some peaceful natives before destroying their society by either inadvertently ruining their spiritual beliefs after showing them the inside of a fucking spaceship, or by simply bringing advanced interstellar warfare to their front door.

Functionally, it's very similar to the revered 1897 classic 'Lego Colonialism', but much less controversial.

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