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Our Favourite Games of E3 2016 - Plays, 18th June, 2016 -

I thought Sony showed off some really impressive looking games at its E3 conference, of which I'm most interested in Days Gone and Spider-man. Days Gone looks to have some excellent tech, letting the dev team render tons of the horde enemies (they're not zombies, apparently) and that should make for some intense combat. The fact that they are focusing on single-player is also music to my ears.

Spider-man wasn't demoed properly, but the trailer (which, supposedly, is in-game stuff) looked really promising. Importantly the web-slinging looks like fun and it seems Marvel is serious about video games (like it now is with movies). Developer Insomniac generally delivers the goods, so PS4 owners have the right to be pretty excited.

Also a quick shout out to Scalebound. While the E3 demo against a massive boss didn't go down well, I'm hopeful Platinum Games will surprise everyone with the final game. Bayonetta is ludicrous if you look at it closely, yet it's one of the best action series ever made. The headphone mechanic in Scalebound is silly, but sometimes silly makes for good video games.

E3 has come and gone for another year, and I have to admit that 2016's showing was at least interesting. Microsoft announced two new bits of hardware, Sony showed off loads of games, and Nintendo: well, they gave everyone what they wanted.

The best part of the show for me, however, was when Capcom announced that Resi 7 was a) actually happening, and b) you could play some it (or something that is going to resemble it) right there and then.

Yes, it was a bit of a PT move, but it worked and the taster itself is pretty well done. Congratulations, yeah? Of the other games that caught my eye, Ghost Recon: Wildlands looked good, as did new Zelda. You can jump now: game of the forever.

It was an amazing year for games so it's hard to pick just one, but the one that sticks out most is Dad of War. A superb demo with an unexpected new direction, God of War managed to be the surprise of the show while being the game everybody expected to see.

And come on: you never go into a God of War expecting an emotional experience, nor would you ever expect it to work. But going by the demo, it looks as if Santa Monica has a good chance at making it work. It's the entry in the series I never knew I wanted.

Besides that, Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare all looked fantastic, suggesting that this could be the best year for shooters in ages. As did Zelda, Dead Rising 4, Forza Horizon 3, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 7, Spider-Man, South Park... even FIFA 17's crazy new story mode left me impressed. E3 may have lacked that big 'wow' moment we usually hope for, but as a whole, the line-up of actual games on show arguably made it one of the best years yet.

Despite Tom being a big Debbie Downer about it my game of show is Dishonored 2. I really liked the first one, all the branching ways you could carry out your mission (like the one in the brothel where you could electrocute a dignitary until he gave you the info you needed), and that you could complete basically the whole thing in a non–lethal way, if you wanted – although I never did, because I am terrible at stealth games.

The gameplay from Dishonored 2 shown at Bethesda's conference was really interesting. Lots of stuff hinting at the potential story, new powers, a whole new city. And a new protagonist! Playing as Emily is a really interesting prospect. Lady assassins are always cool, as evidenced by the fact that Evie Frye was everyone's favourite to play as in AC: Syndicate, because Jacob was a massively boring bastard. Plus both protagonists for Dishonored 2 are fully voiced now, which is very different to the kind of stoic, silent killer that Corvo was in the first Dishonored. I'm not sure how well that'll go over, if I'm honest, but at least it'll be interesting. Even Burns is kind of looking forwards to it. It's all part of his face turn.

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