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Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR Mission detailed - Star Wars: Battlefront for PS4 News

The PlayStation VR exclusive X-Wing VR Mission for Star Wars Battlefront is being developed by racing game experts Criterion Games and will be free to all Battlefront owners on PS4.

"Piloting an X-Wing is an aspect of the Star Wars universe many of us have dreamed of experiencing," explains James Svensson, producer, Criterion Games. "It’s something from the films we remember watching with awe, and even re-enacted throughout our lives.

"Virtual reality brings us one step closer to realising this amazing dream of piloting an X-wing in space. With this incredible new platform, you will be instantaneously transported from the comforts of your living room to an X-Wing cockpit in space. And with the artists at Criterion and DICE meticulously crafting every authentic detail, the experience feels more real than you can imagine."

PlayStation VR launches in the US and Europe on October 13, but EA or Sony hasn't said if Battlefront will be available from day one. It's also not clear if the mission will be sold independently from the core game.

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