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Bulletstorm remaster in development? - Bulletstorm for Xbox 360 News

Screenshots of an unannounced Bulletstorm remaster have been found on a USB stick given to press at a Microsoft E3 event.

Posted by Eurogamer, the screenshots appear to show an improved version of the last-gen shooter, which was released by EA on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC back in 2011.

Nobody yet knows why they were included on the USB stick, though, or whether the game is actually in development. Was the game supposed to be unveiled during Microsoft's E3 press conference yesterday? And should we expect to see it turn up at E3 once the show opens its doors later today?

Last year, the game's developer People Can Fly confirmed that it had retained the Bulletstorm IP following its split from Epic and said that it was working on an "entirely new unannounced game".

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