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Sony 'very happy' with PlayStation Neo strategy despite Scorpio reveal -

PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan has wished Microsoft "good luck" with its new Xbox console Project Scorpio before saying that he's "very happy" with Sony's current hardware strategy.

Microsoft announced the first details on Project Scorpio earlier this week, confirming that the console will feature a powerful 6 teraflop GPU and include support for native 4K gaming. But despite rumours suggesting that Scorpio will be significantly more powerful than Sony's new PlayStation Neo, the console won't stop Sony from pursuing its current plans, Ryan says.

"We obviously follow chatter and speculation online and some of it appeared to be fairly well-grounded so there wasn't too much that was a particular surprise to us," Ryan said, while speaking to VG247 about the announcement of Project Scorpio. "Good luck to them with their strategy and we've got our strategy and we'll pursue that. We're very happy with the way things are going. Fall 2017 is quite a long way off."

Sony confirmed PlayStation Neo was in development ahead of E3 last week but chose not to mention it during its E3 press conference. "For this E3 all we wanted to do was talk about software and that's what we did," Ryan later added.

Reports suggest that Project Scorpio's GPU could be 40% more powerful than the unit intended for PlayStation Neo, featuring 6 teraflops of GPU processing power compared to Neo's alleged 4.2 teraflops.

Sony is expected to release PlayStation Neo much sooner than Project Scorpio, however, with a release potentially coming as early as this October. Project Scorpio, meanwhile, isn't due to release until holiday 2017.

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