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The Last Guardian doesn't arrive in the UK until October 28 - The Last Guardian for PS4 News

You've already waited 7 years for it, so what's another few days?

According to a pair of new trailers released by PlayStation Europe, The Last Guardian doesn't actually launch in Europe until October 26, and in the UK until Friday, October 28 - three days after its North American debut.

That's not too bad given the wait European players had for Team Ico's last title Shadow of the Colossus (which arrived in North America in October 2005 and February 2006), but still, it's a minor inconvenience for those hoping to jump in simultaneously with the rest of the world.

The Last Guardian's release date was finally confirmed during Sony's E3 press conference last night, 7 years after its initial announcement at E3 2009. Check out the trailer below for 2 minutes of new footage.

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